This Week at VFB

It’s official! Summer has arrived. Here’s a look at what’s been happening this week.

Our Weekly Auction

26 new titles added to our auction block! This week we’re featuring Isaac Asimov, with two autographed, leather bound treasures available for bidding.

Featured Book Signing of the Week: Joan Silber

Make sure to catch National Book Award finalist Joan Silber reading from Fools, her new book of interconnected short stories. The event is next Thursday, June 27th, in Manhattan.

For Stephen King Fans

Introducing our new Stephen King Book Quote database! A catalogue of all our favorites, listed by title. We’ll be updating it in the coming weeks. So send us your suggestions, and share with your friends!

New Arrivals

Five new leather bound treasures in our online store, including two titles by Stephen King, Buzz Aldrin’s Mission To Mars, and the complete Raymond Chandler Collection from Easton Press.

Tolkien’s Favorite Pub

A look at Oxford’s Eagle and Child, watering hole of yesteryear for the literary group known as the Inklings.

Judging a Book by its Cover

Can you tell the gender of the author by the cover design of the book? Maureen Johnson thinks so. See what her Twitter followers came up with in this hilarious game of Coverflip.


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