Stephen King’s Empire Update: Summer 2010

Stephen King has just updated “Stephen’s Empire” with a new posting. The first 50 entries are also now posted on the site. Check it out:

“This is just a note to thank the loyal subjects who have sent in pictures of my kingdom. All the accompanying captions are witty, and some are falling-down-funny. Keep them coming! You will soon see the results, I hope, in a slide-show that illuminates many odd corners of my wonderful (if often shadowy) realm. My ego has been completely re-inflated, and I think I’m ready to face any mean reviews and nuclear blogs that may appear when Full Dark, No Stars comes out in November. Instead of feeling downhearted, I’ll just remind myself of my funkadelic kingdom full of car washes, bars, restaurants, billboards…even a bottle of royal rug cleaner!” read the rest here.


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