Marv Levy, Book Signing “Game Changers”

Marv Levy, former Buffalo Bills coach, signing copies of Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in Buffalo Bills Football History

*8/23/10 6:00 PM at Wegmans – Calkins Road. Rochester, NY.

Buffalo Bills football dates back to 1960, when the team became a charter member of the fledgling American Football League. Of the thousands of Buffalo Bills plays that have occurred at Buffalo War Memorial Stadium, Rich Stadium, Ralph Wilson Stadium, and elsewhere, some are destined to be remembered for the ages. These are the players that won games, altered the course of seasons, and put exclamation points on careers. In Game Changers: The Greatest Plays in Buffalo Bills Football History, authors Marv Levy and Jeff Miller dig deep into the annals of Buffalo Bills football and extract these critical moments, bringing them back to life with an enthusiasm that will delight every fan who think of Orchard Park, New York, as a home away from home.

Who can forget O.J. Simpson breaking the 2,000-yard single-season rushing mark in 1973? Or Jim Kelly s game-winning two-yard touchdown run against the Dolphins in 1989? And do you remember Mike Stratton s Hit Heard Around the World on Keith Lincoln in the 1964 AFL title game? These and others are among the best plays in Buffalo Bills history and helped build the team into the legendary organization it is today.

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