Brande Roderick, Book Signing “Bend, Don’t Break”

Brande Roderick, “Baywatch” star and Playboy Playmate” signing copies of Bounce, Don’t Break

  • 7/20/10 7:00 PM at Borders Books – Rancho Carmel Drive. San Diego, CA.
  • 7/22/10 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
  • 7/29/10 7:00 PM at Borders Books – Post Street. San Francisco, CA.

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Read about the book:

Brande Roderick, former Playmate of The Year and star of Celebrity Apprentice Season 2, is your advisor, confidante, and stand in best friend in this fun, comprehensive guide to getting the best out of life from someone who knows how to live it!

Bounce, Don’t Break has something for every age—from the young woman unsure of what lies ahead to the seasoned career woman who is looking to sharpen her game. Brande offers the straight-talking advice that women need the most (and don’t always get)—words of wisdom she has shared with and received from her closest and most successful friends.

Inside you’ll find 8 keys to success, including tools to help YOU: assess and improve your self-reliance and self-esteem; identify personal and professional goals; strategize financially to reach short and long term aims; navigate dating and your search for Mr. Right; and much more. Brande convinces you that personal resilience, hard work, and clear-cut goals are the means to realizing your dreams.

Packed with fun and informative quizzes, useful tips and tricks, as well as personal anecdotes and nearly 30 color photographs, Bounce, Don’t Break will have you well on your way to enjoying the same level of success as Brande herself.

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