Leonard Nimoy, Book Signing “Secret Selves”

Leonard Nimoy, star of “Star Trek”, will be signing copies of Secret Selves

*7/29/10 6:00 PM at R. Michelson Galleries – Main Street. Northhampton, MA.

About Secret Selves:

In November 2008, Leonard Nimoy was at R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Massachusetts, to begin his latest photographic journey: Secret Selves. We gathered 100 subjects from all walks of life: artists, clergy, politicians, business owners, and asked them the question, Who do you think you are? Each subject was recorded as Mr. Nimoy interviewed them and created a portrait of their “alternate identity.” The results will be revealed in a major exhibition beginning in the summer of 2010.

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As Mr. Nimoy wrote: I am hoping to be surprised and delighted by what shows up in front of me. Anything from full costume to nudity, and I would encourage all of it. The “Secret Self” is the most provocative idea. Do you have a secret self?

source: http://www.rmichelson.com/Artist_Pages/nimoy/The-Identity-Project/T-I-P.html


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