The Library of Great Lives by Easton Press, New Collection

We just acquired an extensive collection of The Library of Great Lives originally published by Easton Press. These are the luxurious leather bound editions with the 22kt gold accents, fancy cover designs, and satin ribbon markers. All the books are in New condition. If you’d like to buy several of these great books, please call or email us for a custom quote. More information in our store.

Here is a listing of the books now available:

Two Volume Set of A Thousand Days, Vol-I, A Thousand Days, Vol-II.
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander the Great
Anwar Sadat

Bearing the Cross/M.L. King, Vol-I
Bearing the Cross/M.L. King, Vol-II (2 volume complete set)

Benjamin Franklin
Bismark: The Man and the Statesman
Charles Darwin
Charles Dickens
Christopher Columbus
Disraeli: A Picture of the Victorian Age
Einstein: His Life & Times
Frank Lloyd Wright
Freud: The Man and the Cause
Galileo Galilei
George Washington
God Gave Us this Country/Tecumseh
Isaac Newton
Jesus Christ
Joan of Arc
John James Audubon
John Marshal: A Life in Law, Vol-II
John Marshall: A Life in Law, Vol-I (2 volume set)
Julius Caesar
Karl Marx
Leonardo Da Vinci
Louis Pasteur
Luce and his Empire
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Madame Curie
Mao Tse-Tung
Marco Polo: Venetian Adventurer
Out of my Life and Thought: Schweitzer
Peter the Great
Queen Victoria
Rene Discartes
Samuel F.B. Morse
Shakespeare of London
Study in Power: J.D. Rockerfeller-Vol I
Study in Power: J.D. Rockerfeller-Vol II (2 volume set)
The First Elizabeth
The Legend of Henry Ford
The Life of John Maynard Keynes
The Life of Lenin, Vol-I
The Life of Lenin, Vol-II (2 volume set)
The Life of Mahatma Gandhi
The Man of Nalples & The Voice of God
The Story of my Life- Helen Keller
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Jefferson
Tolstoy, Vol-I
Tolstoy, Vol-II (2 volume set)
Winston Churchill, Vol-I
Winston Churchill, Vol-II (2 volume set)
With Malice Towards None- Life of Lincoln


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