Stephen King “It” New Movie Coming Soon

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Warner Bros is bringing Stephen King’s horror novel “It” to the big screen.

Screenwriter Dave Kajganich will adapt the story, which concerns a group of kids called the Losers Club. They encounter “It”, a creature which preys on children and whose favorite form is that of an evil clown called Pennywise. When the creature resurfaces, the kids are called upon to regroup, this time as adults, even though they have no memory of the first battle.

The script will be adapted to current day opposed to the novel’s timeline of 1958 and 1985.

It was previously turned into a TV miniseries for ABC in the late 80’s starring John Ritter and Tim Curry, but no casting choices have been announced as of yet for the film version.

I wonder who will play the evil red-nosed clown??? More details coming soon.

About the novel

It is a horror novel by Stephen King, published in 1986. It deals with themes which would eventually become King staples: the power of memory, childhood trauma and the ugliness lurking behind a small-town façade.

The novel features a nonlinear narrative which alternates between two different time periods and shifts among the different perspectives and stories of its seven protagonists. It was loosely adapted into a made-for-TV movie in 1990 under the same name.


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