A Stephen King Collectible Book for the “Maine-iac”

New listing and now available. A signed true first printing of “Pet Sematary” is not commonly seen and therefore highly sought after by collectors. It is even more scarce with this unique inscription. This is the one you need to have in your library. Hand signed by Stephen King with a personal inscription as follows:

“For Sue –
With good wishes from one
Maine-iac to another”
Best wishes,
Stephen King
7/19/84 ”

Pet Sematary has been regarded as one of Stephen King’s most frightening and controversial novels. Daring to cross the boundaries of conventional fiction, King has woven a tale so fundamentally startling that he himself was hesitant for it to see the light of day upon its completion.

A multilayered examination into the nature of untimely death, shattering loss, and utter desperation, Pet Sematary tears asunder the very fabric connecting our seemingly normal world and the afterlife…leaving readers with an awful truth too haunting to forget.

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