Identifying Stephen King First Editions

Here is a great guide compiled by Bev Vincent for identifying Stephen King first editions.  This is a great reference for anyone looking to purchase a first edition and who’s not quite sure what the first issue points may be.  This helpful guide includes First Edition Identifiers along with publisher and DJ (dust jacket) price information. It’s a PDF file that you can download directly from the official The guide includes all the novels from 1974 starting with Carrie to present day.

Download the guide here .

About Bev Vincent

Bev Vincent is best known as the author of The Road to the Dark Tower, the Bram Stoker Award nominated, authorised companion to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. He has been writing News From the Dead Zone for Cemetery Dance magazine since March, 2001.

He has a Ph. D. in chemistry from Dalhousie University.

His essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Accent Literary Review, Hellnotes, Storytellers Unplugged, and the Conroe Courier. His three dozen short fiction appearances include From the Borderlands, Best of Borderlands 1-5, Cemetery Dance, Red Scream, Corpse Blossoms, Thou Shalt Not, Damned Nation, Shivers II, Shivers IV and Who Died in Here? He is co-editor of The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book and co-screenwriter of Stephen King’s Gotham Café, a short film that has garnered several awards at film festivals nationwide. In 2007 he contributed to the Doctor Who short-story collection Short Trips: Destination Prague.

He currently resides in Texas.


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