Yes, we do ship to Alaska for Free

A customer recently wrote in to give us a positive review about his order. Bill from Alaska writes:

[quote]Ordered a first edition, signed copy of a book. It was delivered quickly – and was very carefully packaged. The book was as clean and fresh as a book off the shelf of a bookstore! Thanks very much for your consideration in its delivery and your prompt response to my order. Thanks very much for the great service! Very satisfied. Packaging was extraordinary. Also, your rep contacted me and removed a shipping fee to Alaska – something very pleasing to Alaskans, who are often treated like international customers by companies! (We ARE a state!) – Bill from Alaska[/quote]

To sum up, yes, Alaska is a state, and therefore qualifies for Free expedited shipping. No international shipping costs apply. Thank you, Bill. Enjoy the new signed first edition.





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