This Week at Very Fine Books

June 16, 2013 0

With June getting off to a very fine start, here’s a look at what’s been happening this week. Remaindered Books A refresher course on remainder marks: how to spot them, what they tell you, and […]

Stephen King: A Musical

June 15, 2013 0

A musical instead of a book? When you think of how many “unoriginal” musicals have graced the Broadway stages these past few years — and not just revivals, but movie musicals and jukebox musicals and […]

Event Tonight! James Joyce Tribute

June 13, 2013 0

If you happen to live in or near New York City, come out tonight for a medley of masterpieces! Authors and actors will read from their favorite works by James Joyce. Pete Hamill, celebrated author […]

Remainder Marks on Books

June 12, 2013 0

Before we can define what a remainder mark is and how it affects the value of a book, we must first define a remaindered book. What is a Remaindered Book? A remaindered book is an […]

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