Stephen Ambrose, “Undaunted Courage” 3 Volume Matching Set – Signed Limited Edition

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Publisher: The Easton Press
Binding: Full genuine leather
Edition: Signed Limited Edition Matching Set
Condition: Very Fine

A three-volume complete matching leatherbound set:
Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Volume I and II, and Undaunted Courage (personally hand signed by Stephen Ambrose on a special signature page).

Easton Press guarantees the signature to be authentic. “Undaunted Courage” includes a COA from Easton Press, signed and dated by Stephen Ambrose along with a witness. The signature is not an auto-pen or a stamping.

Condition The 3 volumes are in Very Fine condition. The condition is of the highest quality. This set includes 3 extra unattached bookplates for your own personalization.

A very rare and valuable collection, not commonly seen complete in this trilogy.

1. The Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806), Vol. I
2. The Lewis & Clark Expedition (1803-1806), Vol. II
3. Undaunted Courage (signed limited edition)

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