Celebrate the 85th birthday of Jimmy Carter

EP220-2TCome celebrate the 85th birthday of Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, with Veryfinebooks on Thursday, October 1st!

Though Jimmy Carter eventually rose to the highest post in America, he began his career as a simple peanut farmer. Service to his country started in the US Navy and took him quite far from home, first as the Georgia Governor and eventually as the President of the United States. Not one to cease his pursuit of the public good, he dedicated his post-Presidential career to philanthropy and humanitarian service, improving the lives of countless thousands and earning the distinction among many historians of being the most engaged ex-President in American history.

Not only is Jimmy Carter an activist, he is also a Nobel Prize Winner and prolific writer who has penned over twenty books since leaving office. His writings explore a wide variety of topics both humanitarian and artistic, touching on politics, religion, human rights, growing old, and even poetry.

To honor and celebrate this great man, Veryfinebooks is proud to announce two of his best and most famous works, “The Hornet’s Nest” and “Keeping Faith”, both Signed Limited Editions.

These are two luxurious leather bound masterpieces that you can be proud to keep in your presidential library.

“The Hornet’s Nest” is significant because it’s the first work of fiction by a President of the United States — a sweeping novel of the American South and the War of Independence.


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