Stephen King’s “The Stand” Tray Case is Now Available for Pre-order

I just got an email from the Collector that the new case for “The Stand” is now available for pre-order. This case is specifically designed to house the original 1978 first edition of the book. This is a limited edition slipcase so you may want to place your order soon because the price is going up after Jan. 20th. It’s a great looking high quality case and I’m looking forward to purchasing several for my own collection.

From  The Collector:

“This case features a white faux leather grain pattern with the title in bold black text and the author stamped in red foil. The font was selected to match the font used on the book Dust Jacket. There’s an oval opening in the front that allows a portion of the beautifully designed DJ to be seen when enclosed in the case. A three sided inner box allows for very easy removal of the book with no excess tightness. The case is shut via hidden neodymium magnets -giving a very satisfying snap when closed.

Multiple prototypes were made (and scrapped) to get the design just right. From the materials used, to the shape and size of the oval window, to the number and size of magnets used to shut the case with the correct force while keeping it easy to open when desired. I’m confident you’ll love this case”

You can place your order directly from the slipcases page or by clicking on the image below:

The new tray case for Stephen King's "The Stand" 1978 First Edition


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