Signed First Edition Clubs

Below is a list of several signed first edition clubs you may be interested in joining.  This list will be updated periodically. If you know of any other clubs , please send me an email at and we will include them on this list.

Notice: VERYFINEBOOKS is in no way associated or affiliated with any of these clubs. Before joining , please do your own research to make sure the organization is a good fit for your needs.

Signed First Editions Clubs:

The Odyssey Bookshop – The Odyssey’s Signed First Editions Club continues a long tradition of bringing readers and writers together and celebrating the world of books.

Harvard Book Store – Harvard Book Store is pleased to offer readers membership into our Signed First Edition Club. This program provides a unique way for dedicated readers to connect with and create a wealth of great books. Each month, Harvard Book Store offers members a signed first printing of a newly published book, selected for both its literary merit and potential collectibility. – – The Signed First Club is a unique way to enhance your personal library with valuable signed first editions. By enrolling in the Signed First Club you will receive one signed first edition every month, along with a protective book cover, that will add to the value of your home collection.

Book Passage Bookstore – Members of the Book Passage First Editions Club receive a signed first edition each month of a book that we have selected by an emerging author who shows exceptional talent and promise.

Rakestraw Books – “The Bookstore in Danville”. In the world of book collecting, few items are as desirable as signed first editions of great books. Over the past decade Rakestraw Books has gradually become one the Bay Area’s premier venues for author readings and signings. Our customers have had the chance to buy signed books by writers such as Michael Chabon, Philip Pullman, Richard Russo, Kiran Desai, and Jonathan Harr. Many of these books have become highly sought after collectibles.

Signed First Editions

To see a collection of highly valuable and sought after signed first editions, be sure to visit us on-line at


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