Book Collecting: Purpose and Value

December 28, 2008 0

Book collecting is the bringing together of books which in their contents, their form or the history of the individual copy possess some element of permanent interest, and either actually or prospectively are rare, in […]

Provenance – Definition, Books, Art, and Antiques

December 22, 2008 0

A book’s provenance is a copy’s individual history, from the moment it leaves the printing press until the moment it comes into your hands. Determining provenance is rarely possible, but books may include indicative items […]

The Value of Collectible Books

December 20, 2008 0

Collectible book prices are a finicky thing. So how to determine a rare book’s value? The best way may, in fact, be to sell it. Whenever the topic of collectible books comes up in discussion, […]

Signed First Editions: A Collector’s Crown Jewel

December 13, 2008 0

There are many benefits to collecting signed first editions, but value and historical relevance, particularly of important or impactful new books, top the list for many buyers. The value of an autographed first edition—one signed […]

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