Provenance – Definition, Books, Art, and Antiques

December 22, 2008 0

A book’s provenance is a copy’s individual history, from the moment it leaves the printing press until the moment it comes into your hands. Determining provenance is rarely possible, but books may include indicative items […]

The Value of Collectible Books

December 20, 2008 0

Collectible book prices are a finicky thing. So how to determine a rare book’s value? The best way may, in fact, be to sell it. Whenever the topic of collectible books comes up in discussion, […]

Book Grading Definitions

December 20, 2008 0

Very Fine (VF) The highest grade given to any copy. A crisp, fresh copy with NO flaws. Even a minor blemish must not be graded Very Fine – there will be NO “Very Fine except….” […]

Ray Bradbury Book Signing event

December 19, 2008 0

Ray Bradbury, science fiction legend, signing copies of his books. 12/20/08 3:00 PM at Borders Books – Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA. About the Author Ray Douglas Bradbury (born August 22, 1920) is an […]

Dennis Leary Book Signing Event this Month

December 17, 2008 0

Denis Leary, star of “Rescue Me”, signing copies of Why We Suck Time and locations: 12/18/08 7:30 PM at Barnes & Noble – Route 3 East. Clifton, NJ. 12/20/08 4:30 PM at Hickory Stick Bookshop […]

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