Contest Winner – REVIVAL by Stephen King (Signed Artist Edition)

Congratulations to Ronald Shepherd from Maryland, the winner of the limited edition of REVIVAL by Stephen King, which has been personally signed by the artists. Thank you to everyone that entered our contest. This was the most popular to date with 1,786 entries:

This edition is now sold out. To get on the waiting list for a single copy that may become available, please call us at (978) 572 – 5708. Our shipment will be arriving from the publisher any day now.

Buying the book– Unfortunately all of our stand-alone limited edition copies of REVIVAL have been sold out. However, we are making this book available as a FREE BONUS GIFT when you purchase one of the 20 Signed Limited Edition remarques that Francois Vaillancourt did for us of Charles Jacobs, one of the main characters in the novel. Learn more here.


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