Lindsey Morris, Book Signing “Mo Betta Cookn’”

Lindsey Morris will be signing copies of his new book “Mo Betta Cookn’”

August 21, 2010 in Colorado Springs Colorado at Barnes & Noble at Citadel Crossing on North Academy Blvd from 1100AM to 100PM

About the book

A lot of people whom I’ve cooked for often use to tell me that my food is so good why haven’t I written a book of all the Delicious Recipes I came up with. So that got me to thinking why not, I’ll give it a shot. I said to myself why not come up with a cookbook so plain and simple to read and understand that a 5th Grader can become an expert in the kitchen. I even went as far to as to list the Ingredients first with the exact amount to use follow by the Directions that are so precise, it takes the room of error out of making any mistakes.

Not only that, I said why not put different types of recipes everyone can enjoy in this book rather than just have a plain one like you see in stores and on stands. In addition I included different techniques of Kitchen Ideas one can use in the kitchen to help them along the way which I use even today that really works. To take it a step further, I’ve added as a bonus things Worth Remembering around the house that we all use which can be an inexpensive way of cleaning your home with the fraction of cost from supplies you already have. I can tell you this, if I had a book like this around years ago loaded with all the goodies inside at my disposal, there would have been even more people at my windows and doors begging to see, smell and taste what was coming from my kitchen.
About the Author
Lindsey Morris is the Author and Developer of all these wonderful easy to make Recipes in this book.

He started out in the Military that took him all over the World learning the fine Arts of Cooking with many different Herbs and Spices that would lead him down the paths of cooking for many of his Colleagues, Friends, and Family who encouraged him to write a book. He has an incredible undeniable way of taking different kinds of foods and bringing out all the Flavors and Juices in them leaving you wanting more and more. While at the same time, he takes that same dish and turns it around into another dish that has a entire different taste than what you had prior. Lindsey Morris attributes much of his success of cooking to many hours in the Kitchen preparing dishes that’s so out of this world delicious, yet easy and simple to make that it leaves you wondering why didn’t I think of that.


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