Melissa Anderson, Book Signing “The Way I See It”

Melissa Sue Anderson, star of “Little House on the Prairie”, signing copies of The Way I See It

* 5/5/10 7:00 PM at RJ Julia Booksellers – Boston Post Road. Madison, CT.
* 5/8/10 2:00 PM at Borders Books – Lee Highway. Fairfax, VA.
5/10/10 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Peachtree Road NE. Atlanta, GA.
*5/12/10 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Oakbrook Center. Oak Brook, IL.
*5/13/10 7:00 PM at Borders Books – North Clark Street. Chicago, IL.
* 5/18/10 7:00 PM at Borders Books – Tampa Avenue. Northridge, CA.
*5/19/10 7:00 PM at Book Soup – Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.
*5/22/10 2:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – NE University Village Street. Serattle, WA.

About the book:
When other girls her age were experiencing their first crushes, Melissa Sue Anderson was receiving handwritten marriage proposals from fans as young, and younger, than she was. When other girls were dreaming of their first kiss, Melissa was struggling through hers in front of a camera. From age eleven in 1974 until she left the show in 1981, Melissa Anderson literally grew up before the viewers of Little House on the Prairie.

Melissa, as Mary, is remembered by many as “the blind sister”—and she was the only actor in the series to be nominated for an Emmy. In The Way I See It, she takes readers onto the set and inside the world of the iconic series created by Michael Landon, who, Melissa discovered, was not perfect, as much as he tried to be. In this memoir she also shares her memories of working with guest stars like Todd Bridges, Mariette Hartley, Sean Penn, Patricia Neal, and Johnny Cash.

In addition to stories of life on the set, Melissa offers revealing looks at her relationships off-set with her costars, including the other Melissa (Melissa Gilbert) and Alison Arngrim, who portrayed Nellie Oleson on the show. And she relates stories of her guest appearances on iconic programs such as The Love Boat and The Brady Bunch.

Filled with personal, revealing anecdotes and memorabilia from the Little House years, this book is also a portrait of a child star who became a successful adult actress and a successful adult. These are stories from “the other Ingalls sister” that have never been told.

About the Author

Melissa Sue Anderson (born September 26, 1962) is an American actress. She played the role of Mary Ingalls on the NBC television series Little House on the Prairie, which aired from 1974 until 1983. She won an Emmy Award for her performance in Which Mother Is Mine? (1979). One of her more recents performances was as First Lady Megan Hollister in the 2006 television mini-series 10.5: Apocalypse.


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