Gene Wilder, Book Signing for “What Is This Thing Called Love?”

Gene Wilder, star of “Blazing Saddles”, signing copies of What Is This Thing Called Love?

*3/30/10 7:00 PM at Borders Books – Rancho Carmel Crive. San Diego, CA.
*4/1/10 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Westview Parkway. San Diego, CA.
*4/5/10 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble – Grove Drive. Los Angeles, CA.
*4/28/10 7:30 PM at Barnes & Noble – Lincoln Triangle. New York, NY.

About the book
The actor and novelist answers this eternal question twelve ways, in stories that explore our most complicated emotion

This is a winning collection from an author writing on his favorite topic: love. Each emotionally involving story illuminates a different kind of love: star-crossed, intense, needy, eternal, unrequited, even comical. Wilder’s protagonists will be instantly recognizable to his fans: men and women who stumble into relationships that can fulfill them or knock them out cold. Which one it will be depends, often, on the smallest of gestures or reactions. Wilder’s stories include:

• “In Love for the First Time,” about a lover so shy and studious that he’s a “funny duck” who has to be led by the hand by his equally inexperienced girlfriend

• “About Being in Love,” featuring coarse but charming Buddy Silverman, who yearns for connection but looks for it in exactly the wrong kind of woman

• “The Woman in the Red Hat,” who shows a writer who has only explored love in his books what the real thing feels like.

About the Author

Gene Wilder has been acting since he was thirteen and writing for the screen since the early 1970s. His first book, about his own life, was Kiss Me Like A Stranger. His first novel, set in France in World War I, is My French Whore. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Karen.


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