New Stephen King “Under the Dome” Case Now Available

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Hi Folks, I’m thrilled to announce pre-ordering for the new Under the Dome Slipcase. The case is made from a rich reddish/brown leather – (yes genuine leather not synthetic). It features a graphic of the title on the front and spine of the case and author on the side and will cost $29.95 -This case will fit all US editions of Under the Dome: You can place your order on the Buy Slipcases page.

  • Signed Limited edition
  • Gift Edition
  • 1st trade edition

One of the major issues with this case was how to deal with the pack of cards included in the gift/limited edition while also figuring out how to get the trade edition (that didn’t come with any cards) to also fit without making two separate cases. Here’s how the design works:

For Gift/Limited Edition – The case will feature a removable “shelf” with a ribbon, you pull on the ribbon and the cards and shelf will slide out as one, you can then remove the book….Because the shelf is removable you can keep the book in the shrinkwrap if you want and just not use the shelf.

For 1st Trade edition – The case will feature a “spacer” wrapped in the same leather material as the rest of the case, This can sit either at the top or bottom of the case and is thick enough to fill in the height difference. I’m looking at putting a strip of double sided tape on it, along with a wax backing so IF YOU CHOOSE you can permanently affix the spacer to the case, or let it slide in and out like the shelf…

The trade edition is also a little narrower, we may just let the book be a little loose in the case or try to include something to help tighten it up on the inner part of the case, that’s still being worked out.

All cases will come with both a spacer and a shelf so you can use the case for either type of book.

Thanks much,

Tomas Krynsky
“The Collector”


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