First Editions and Identification – Is it a first edition or a Book Club Edition? Now you will know. Here is a complete list of all novels, starting with CARRIE up to present. A table that includes publisher information, cover photo, and all first edition issue points for each.

Signed Limited Editions– A complete list of signed limited editions, starting with FIRESTARTER in 1980 and up to 2013, with the release of the new S/L of The Shining. This table includes publisher information, dates, illustrators, and high resolution signature pages.

The Dark Tower Books – First Editions– A complete first edition list of the Dark Tower books. King has described the The Dark Tower series as his ‘magnum opus’.

The Red Leather Library Books – A complete list of all 37 Read Leather Library Books. Originally published by the Book of the Month Club (BOMC) and bound in faux leather, these have now become collector editions sought after by many King fans.

In The Works

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Signed Lettered Editions– A complete list of Signed Lettered Edition books. Generally limited to only 52 copies, these are quite hard to find and are rarely offered for sale.

UK Limited Editions – A complete list of all UK Limited Editions.

The Dark Tower Books – Signed Limited Editions – Are you a Dark Tower fan? Here is a complete list of all Dark Tower signed limited edition books. Includes publisher, dates, illustrator information, and even high resolution signature pages.