Sell Your Books

Sell your books

Do you have books to sell? Fill out this form and tell us about them. Our specialty is in the following areas: Rare books, signed limited edition, signed first editions, rare first editions, lettered editions, and collectible proofs.
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  1. I have (2)new in package signet gift pack Stephen King 2 Christine and the Shining. and another(1) Stephen King 3 which is the Stand and Different Seasons. All three are unopened. I have had a hard time finding anything on them. Plus not sure how you can tell when they were published I have more Stephen king first additions hard with covers I just purchased a house and the guy who owned it passed away and I knew he had tons books downstairs but didnt realize many are first addition.and many different authors like Tom Clancy and John Grisams and And some others. The guy who owned them his wife took what she wanted and left all the books So I definitly want to sell them If your interested let me know Ronda

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